Juggler in the Wind

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"We take you on a tour of Strange, the land that lies between Science Fiction and Dreams."

Wow! This is a strange read … mysterious from the start …
packed full of characters
that will both wow you
and scare you … sure to keep every young reader
glued to its pages
—Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

An eerie, haunting story
about a boy compelled to join a ragtag group of circus people — odd strangers who may hold the clues that will solve the secrets of his past.
—Adrienne Ehlert Bashista,
School Librarian and Writer
Begins with a bang, sucking readers in on the first page as a mystical circus comes to town offering much more than ordinary acts and curiosities.
—Nancy K. Wallace,
Youth Services Librarian.



the wand

Now here I was, holding the wand in my own hand, an object of uncanny power.… It dawned on me that I was being tested, called upon to prove something about myself.… 

When a ragtag circus shows up in the town of Buchanan, Kansas, fourteen-year-old Randy Carmichael must confront his alcoholic mother’s fears and his own lifelong mysteries. Voices summon him, a godlike figure appears in his dreams, and supernatural adversaries lie in wait for him as he embarks upon a quest that will take him beyond mortal reality. 

The first book in The Wand Bearer Trilogy

A young adult adventure with a
completely new take
on the Greek Olympian gods.

Guide to the mythological characters

Study Guide: notes about the authors, the story, and the inspiration, a character list, 26 discussion questions, and suggestions for further research on mythological characters, shapeshifters, oracles, and the "call to adventure" described by Joseph Campbell.

Author Comments

Words about Myths from the authors

Excerpt: chapter one

Juggler is a journey of the soul.…
If you’d like something a little more thoughtful and a little less dependent on fight scenes to move plot along, try Juggler in the Wind.
............—Anastasia Finch
.............. Birdbrained Book Blog

Best Books Awards 2010Award-Winning Finalist, Fiction & Literature: Young Adult Fiction,
“Best Books 2010” sponsored
by USA Book News

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Juggler in the Wind